2020, amiriteI imagined I was by way of the worst of this calendar year. Lockdown limits in Melbourne w – mint

2020, amirite?I thought I was through the worst of this year. Lockdown restrictions in Melbourne w

2020, amirite?
I believed I was via the worst of this year. Lockdown constraints in Melbourne were being Rough but for all the right factors. But now that the dust has settled I’m genuinely noticing my mental overall health is kiiiinda fucked. Any person else singing 😅
So in the nature of transparency, I have used the very last two days crying. Around how exhausted I am. Above how quite a few factors I have jogging via my brain. Over how I place pressure on myself to have my shit alongside one another, mainly because my home relies upon on it. The weight of all these worries are Weighty. I think I’m just allowing it all out
I am leaning into my incredibly hot mess of a brain. Letting the pent up thoughts clean above me so I can experience some sort of relief. Even if it truly is short lived, or when I you should not have all the solutions.
I am going to decide myself back again up as I generally do. But in the indicate time, I am just focusing on my mantra ‘progress is progress’. And taking a person matter at a time.
– raw